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Title and Non-Title Closings

At Mutual Title LLC, we pride ourselves on our service strengths which cover a diverse area of title and closing services.

Title Closing

We prepare commitments and clear title in preparation of closing all types of title transactions ranging from commercial to residential and retail to investor. We diligently work through the files from start to finish. Once the closing is complete, and we have received and disbursed all funds related to the transaction, we prepare the final title policy for owner’s and/or lenders.

Non-Title Closings

We will facilitate closings without title policies, when needed, but we always recommend a title policy. We can prepare a title report only, if needed, and would urge any buyer to obtain one so the buyer is aware of any liens on the property. However, the tile report would not have any insurances or guarantees, and we would not be liable for any inaccuracies in a title report. A title policy is always the preferred option, as it cost very little in comparison to the value and insurance it provides.

Real Estate Law

Mutual Title LLC is owned by an attorney who prepares real estate transaction–related documents such as, full loan sets for third-party lender or seller/owner finance lender, including “subject to” and “wrap” loan documents, deed transfers, assignment of liens, note endorsements/allonges, Modifications, etc. For more information visit teresamyerslaw.com.

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away”
(Franklin D. Roosevelt)

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